The Sparkle of Snow: Enjoy the Moment and Make Life Better

The sun was just peaking over the clouds during my morning walk through the horse pasture, towards the pond. Although the fog was settling in, I could see that winter was going to come early this year as the acorns gathered at the bottom of the trees, the horses were thickening their coats, and a seasonably early flock of geese were sounding their horn as they headed south.

This winter was different and the surprising snow was breathtaking. The accumulation of the white flakes from the first real snow was long in coming.   It has been years since there was a blanket of snow covering the dust and dryness on my Texas ranch land.  The sudden change from the harshness caused by long seasons of drought was welcomed with open arms.

Facebook postings from friends showed family members playing together in the snow, building snowmen from the flakes that were freely flowing from high above. Their excitement brought laughter and refreshment to my heart.  My horses captured my undivided attention as they ran and played for hours, dodging through a maze of whiteness.

The child in me came to the surface with a deep sense of laughter, as I watched the joy and happiness produced by a simple flake of snow. The cold puff of wind blowing in my face created a moment of freshness and a recharging sparkle deep within.  It brought a cleansing feeling as I stopped to capture the moment.

How was I going to keep that moment fresh in the hustle and bustle of today’s time, where technology speeds up the pace and creates an environment of oneness among the crowd?  As my thoughts centered around the question of what opens the door and allows joy and happiness to harbor within one’s life, the answer was simple. Slowing down and being in the moment was the answer, an answer that is slowly melting away in the fast pace of today’s society.

Making a habit of being in the moment would help to produce the glow from within, the same kind of refreshment created by the first fallen snow. My “slowing down and being in the moment” habit was shared with a friend over pancakes, bacon, and coffee next to an open fire. We sat for hours talking and laughing. Our time together brought a recharge by simply listening and spending time together, sharing words and sentences back and forth.  We were connected to the moment, as heartfelt words of encouragement rose to the surface and brightened the sparkle of hope from within.

Our time together will last only as a memory, but the strength it produced will last a lifetime. That special time of recharging the sparkle set me on a mission to help “Make Life Better” by simply encouraging those around me to slow life down and be present in “their” moment.

Just like the sparkle of the first fallen snow, it will be exciting to embrace the glow from within as it passes from one person to another.

Source: Terry original

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