What Readers Are Saying About Gathering Courage

Gathering Courage is an honest and heartfelt account of life through adoption and fostering. Our early years affect us forever. They make us who we are. Thank you Terry McMullin for your account of your life. Thank you for your love and your perseverance to always help and look out for others. A beautiful account that will make you cry. Read with tissues nearby.”

*****Julia Wilson

Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability by T.A. McMullin is the author’s incredible memoir describing her journey, the endless challenges she had to face, and the people that touched her life along the way.

“Without anyone she could fully count on to be there for her unconditionally, she learned to turn to God at a very early age and to be self-reliant. But no matter how many misfortunes and challenges she faced, which were endless, she never gave up on her dreams. With a few acts of kindness offered to her along the way, Terry went on to travel one of the most inspiring life journeys.

“There are many lessons to be learned from Terry’s struggles and her never-give-up attitude. Her journey sends a strong message; no matter how many times life beats you down, get up and fight back; yes, the tough times will keep coming but as long as you have not given up, you have not lost the fight. And always turn to God and trust Him to guide you through even your darkest hour.

“Her story also honors the selfless heroes that open their hearts and touch the lives of others; your kindness is not in vain and Terry’s story is true testimony to this. Gathering Courage is a truly moving read that will touch many hearts and positively inspire them to touch the lives of others.”

***** Faridah Nassozi – Uganda

“Any reader who loves a true story with a Christian focus about a person that was able to achieve a great deal through their own hard work and perseverance should definitely read this book.

“Adopted as a young child, then placed into foster care at the age of nine because she continued to struggle with learning disabilities, the author’s journey is one that will both break your heart and convince you of the power of the human spirit. The story of the author’s journey from a broken hearted little girl to a dynamic and successful woman with a passion for helping others is a true inspiration.”

***** Tracy A. Fischer – Wisconsin


“This is one inspirational novel. I loved reading about her life and her struggle. People like her give me hope that there is something for all of us in this world. Her hard work, her ability to cope with hardships, and her determination are very enlightening and interesting. It is truly amazing how she is a teacher right now and changing the lives of people around her. The way she writes is moving. You feel an instant connection with her. After reading this book, I feel like I know her. If I ever meet her, I would give her a warm hug, because it is people like her who make changes in this world and help others.”

***** Rabia Tanveer – Pakistan


“T.A. McMullin takes the reader on an emotional journey… Follow Terry as she shows determination and a desire to learn as she teaches herself how to read, and see how she transformed her life and became a teacher. It is not often you get to read a story such as this, a story that is real life and truly inspirational.

“T.A. McMullin has written a wonderful story that flows well with the prose, but is also such an inspiration it will make you laugh, cry and want to do better. It makes you want to look at your life and wonder why you haven’t gone further (in a good way) and done more. This is a truly wonderful and inspirational read and I recommend it.”

***** Kathryn Bennett – Indiana

Gathering Courage is all about overcoming adversity and striving for success. I was amazed at how much Terry really went through in her life and still managed to stay strong and brave. I would definitely be proud to have a friend like her, going through the things she did and never giving up.

“This is a story that can help other people because there are a lot of people out there, suffering in homes where they feel unloved or unwanted, but that doesn’t have to define you. The boundaries and limits other people set are their limits, not yours, and Terry proved that throughout her life.  I would definitely recommend Gathering Courage by T.A. McMullin to anyone who’s feeling lost in their own lives.”

***** Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) – Michigan

***** From One Aggie to Another *****

“This book is an absolute must read. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Terry’s story spoke to me on so many levels. From her burning desire to be a fightin’ Texas Aggie, to her constant search for God’s will in her life, I was glued to the pages. A very powerful and moving testimony. Well done good and faithful servant. Gig ’em, my friend! WHOOP!!!”

Lesa – Texas A&M University – Class of ‘85
College Station, Texas