Writing From the Heart

Daily, I continue to write from the heart. Perhaps someday, my life story of Gathering Courage will inspire others to write from deep within and encourage others to be the best they can be. To live a life of compassion and purpose is the true meaning of life.

We all have a journey—past and present—a journey that draws us closer to God or pushes us away. Gathering Courage is my journey, one of struggles and triumphs, bending and breaking, molding and reshaping.

See how the extended hand of God shadows and protects the growth of a tender, innocent child with love, grace, and mercy. As a young child, I found myself alone on a dusty road different from any other in my family. It was a road filled with twists and turns interlaced with lessons that would forever change me. God himself knit me in my mother’s womb and called me his precious, beautiful child. He is the great Father I never had. He is the truthful brother that provided me with strength and courage to conquer a reading disability. Being held safe in the hand of God, I began to know that He loved me.

Many lessons were taught to me as I walked the difficult path of my childhood. During my journey from an orphanage to success, I can assure you that Jesus walked every mile of my trials and triumphs. He never left my side. The Lord didn’t abandon me as an illegitimate orphan child. He did not leave me in a crib in an orphanage home; He stood over the crib and made sure I was fed and rocked. He did not call me stupid. He never left me with my luggage at the doorstep of a foster home; He stayed with me every moment to make sure I was safe. He did not leave me during my surgeries, but guided the doctors as they performed surgery after surgery. He picked me up, blew strength back into my life, and gently placed me down so I could ride horses again.

As my trust in God grew, I learned that the extended hand of God delivered the best lessons in life. These painful lessons worked within me to produce a peace that passes all understanding and gave me the security to know that with Christ anything is possible. It is through Jesus Christ that I am what I am today.

Allowing God to be God provided the rich ground for the roots of my inheritance to take hold. Anchors of trust deepened as His nurturing love and encouragement penetrated my inner parts, promoting growth that developed an inward strength beyond measure.

God wants His children to encourage others as He encourages us. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.

“Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

The Lord wants us to share our hope and our future to encourage others. Each of us can share words and deeds of kindness to help encourage the lives of others right where we live and work. Life at its best is tough, but together we can make a difference and endure the hard times together.

Writing your story about your journey through life will help you find hidden treasures like gratitude, strength, and courage. I think you will be surprised how much healing you will receive when you actually put pen to paper and recall all of life’s events. Healing from the inside out will surface as you write. Healing produces internal peace, a wonderful gift that God freely gives to each of us.

We are all growing in the Lord. I look forward to hearing your life story, your journey, and how God has walked beside you. He rides with us through the rough terrain of life.

Be safe. May your horse never buck, and your saddle never slide. We don’t know what’s around the bend of the trail. There will be valleys and mountaintops but remember, my friend, you’re not riding alone. It is okay to grab hold of the saddle horn and hang on until the crisis has passed. Sit up straight and tall in the saddle, keep your eyes focused forward. May the good Lord find you faithful. Until the sun sets on your life, enjoy the journey. Eternity is somewhere around the bend.

God said that everything would be all right if you just hold His hand. Reach out today. Give Him your hand and hold tight, knowing that your grip is secure in His hand. He will be your friend until the end.

Journal your hardships, pray, and watch how God blesses you. Look forward with anticipation as to how God shadows and protects your growth.

T.A. McMullin
Gathering Courage Media


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